Judo Club Ventimiglia in association with FIJLKAM (Italian Judo Federation) and REGIONE LIGURIA (Assessorato allo Sport).

Contact and Info:


Judo Club Ventimiglia 0039 0184 352792



Saturday 02 July 2011, 19h00, qualifying heats;

Sunday 03 July 2011, 20h00, Final Four.

Competition Place: PalaRoja Sport-Hall of Ventimiglia (Italy)

Competition Type: The competition is for teams and reserved to men athletes belonging to Under20, Under23 and Seniors class members of national or regional selections, or clubs.

Athletes:  The team should consist of 5 athletes, one in every weight category. A substitute is authorized per weight category. In order to be represented, the team must be composed of at least 3 competitors who can compete in 3 different weight categories.

Weight Categories:  66 * 73 * 81 * 90 * over 90 with 1Kg of tolerance for each fighter. The competitors will be entered during the weigh-in in the category they belong to. However they can compete in the category immediately above their own.

Competition Formula :

QUALIFYING HEATS: Organisation will accept only 8 teams. The teams will be divided up into series. Qualifying heats will be by round robin formula.

FINAL FOUR: The best two teams of each series will fight in semi-finals. The two losing teams of semi-final matches will fight for 3rd and 4th place. The two winning teams of semi-final matches will fight for 1st and 2nd place.

Weigh-In:  Weigh check: scales will be available at the Judo Club Ventimiglia ’s dojo. The weigh-in will be organized on Friday 01/07/11 at Judo Club Ventimiglia’s  dojo and Saturday 2/07/11 at the PalaRoja Sport Hall of Ventimiglia.

Friday 01/07/11, Unofficial weigh-in: 18:00 to 18:30 / Official weigh-in: 18:30 to 19:30.

Saturday 02/07/11 (only for the teams that didn’t do it on Friday) Unofficial weigh-in: 16:30 to 17:00 / Official weigh-in: 17:00 to 18:00. The athletes must present an official piece of identity (passport or identity card) and their national federal licence valid for the present year.

Clothing: For the competition BLUE AND WHITE JUDOGI ARE OBLIGATORY. For the award ceremony white judogis are obligatory.

Refereeing:  Each team can have a referee classified in international or national category. The contest rules are of IJF, EJU and FIJLKAM (Italian Judo Federation).

Fight Time: 5 minutes.

Prizes :  The “Town of Ventimiglia” Trophy to the winner team, cups to all the teams on the basis of final results; special prizes for the athletes classed up to the 3rd place.


Refunds:  The organisation will give hospitality to a maximum of 9 PERSONS FOR EACH TEAM offering them the dinner and the overnight stay on Friday 1st July 2011, board and lodging on Saturday 2nd July 2011. To the 4 finalist teams will be offered the board and lodging on Sunday 3rd July, too.

Entries:  The first entry to the competition and the payment of the entry fee of 50 EUR for each team must be send within the 1st   APRIL 2011; the final entry must be send not later than 1st June 2011 to the Dr. Antonella IANNUCCI, e-mail: judoclubventimiglia@hotmail.it; tel/fax +39 0184 352792.

Visa:  Nations which needs VISA to enter Italy, please send us as soon as possible and before 1st May 2011: list of participants with name, gender, passport number, birth date and function or category.

Insurance:  All members of each team will have to be covered with an insurance for the competitions regarding: civil liability, third part risk, accidents or injuries and assistance repatriation. The fighters will compete under the full responsibility of the team they represent. Each team is responsible for medical certificate and for insuring its competitors. The organisation reserves itself the right to modify the program in order to improve the competition and it declines responsibility for any event before, during and after competition.



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